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Thread: Speakerless Cars

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    Default Speakerless Cars

    In essence, it's a simple concept. Instead of a car being fitted with multiple speakers, its entire interior becomes one big speaker with sound directed inward and at the occupants inside it.

    The transducers are, in effect, vibrators like those on the back of a conventional speaker, stimulated by the audio signal. The difference is, the vehicle's surfaces take the place of the speaker membranes.

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    Default Re: Speakerless Cars

    you do know the article was posted on April fools right?

    to the idea of speaker-less:
    i do not think that the idea is a good one. the last thing anyone needs it to have the structural components of their vehicle vibrating. it may not have happened yet but over a few years, who knows, the integrity could be weakened and well... accidents do happen....

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    Default Re: Speakerless Cars

    A transducer capable of this has been available for years.

    But I think speakers would be better than shaking your car apart. Unless, I guess, certain panels were designed for it.
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