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Thread: K-9 bath center

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    Default K-9 bath center

    Has anyone used this service before? What were your opinions?

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    Default Re: K-9 bath center

    We used it before Christmas with our older Beagle and loved it. It does not take very long at all and the prices were very reasonable. They don't use soap, but a hydrogen peroxide mixture which is great because our beagles have sensitive skin and this didn't irritate them at all. It also got her really clean without leaving a wierd soap smell in her skin. After she was all dry, they also used the furminator to get out all her undercoat which was great. She was so soft and silky after that.

    Being a beagle she doesn't need to get groomed very often, but next time we'll definitely go back there.

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    Default Re: K-9 bath center

    they use a system called the anivac I would get one if i could afford it. it really cuts down on allergens and mess
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    Default Re: K-9 bath center

    A friend of mine took his Samoyed there. He said it was a very good experience and would go back.

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