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Thread: complete aquarium setup

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    Default complete aquarium setup

    55 gal aquarium with black stand 2 regular filtres,4 under gravel filters (awesome),a power head, heater,2 lights (floourescent and other - one is for a salt water tank but we use it sometime because it lights the tank up blueish) decorations that are a huge 2 piece castle (valued alone at over $100) a cave thing, a divers mask, rocks, there may be a few other items under in the cabinet, there is also a pump for hoses to blow bubbles etc..includes food (pellets and flakes- and the fish also eat live rosie reds), cemicals to treat the tank, testing kits for Ph and nitro etc...a vacuum pump and hose for easy cleaning, buckets and nets for fish and a scrubbie for the inside of tank, and fish for sale (i think there are 12 all together they are .3 blood parrots (these alone retail $30 a fish).. cicilids - don't know what names, 1 angel,2 dino eels a algea eater and 2 guormis(sp??)

    asking $400 for everything - amazing deal !!!!

    no more time to care for with new baby work and school...

    email for pix or go to usedsoo or kijiji to view
    serious inquiries only
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