So Id like to plant a small vegetable garden in my backyard.

Ive already got an area picked out that I had dug up and put black earth in last year, and theres nothing planted there except some sunflower seeds that we put in to grow up the wall of the garage, and there is also 2 Morning Glory plants there that will also grow up the wall....

Its an area approx. 12-14ft long and approx. 3-4ft wide....

(1) What do I do to get it ready?
(2) What are easy veggies that will grow?
(3) When can I plant these veggies?
(4) How much would I water it?
(5) Do I need to fertilize it?
(6) How many veggies can I plant in this area?

The area gets sun from approx 730/8am til approx. 3-4pm

Thanks for any answers/advice etc