There was a lawyer who was rich beyond his wildest dreams. He had so much money that he had a girlfriend in every town he did business in. On one of his business ventures, he was having a frisky encounter with one of his girlfriends, when he suddenly keeled over and died of a massive heart attack.

At the reading of his will, his wife was appalled to find out that he had left all of his wealth to be divided equally among his girlfriends. Only a modest portion was left to his "dearest wife" ( as the will put it), with the stipulation that she ensure he was buried next to his favorite brother who was a carpenter by trade.

The fund was also to pay for a headstone to be shared by himself and his brother. It was stipulated that the headstone would reflect the way of life of both the lawyer and his brother.

After several weeks, the monument company called the wife to say they had finished engraving the headstone for her husband, and they would have it put in place at the grave site in a week.

The wife hurriedly contacted all of her deceased husband girlfriends, business acquaintances, and family members so that they could be at the grave site for the unveiling of the headstone.

The next week, during a bright sunny morning, they all gathered at the graveside, as the wife reached over to remove the cloth covering the gravestone. The wife stood back, and with a stoic face, calmly read the inscription on the grave stone.

"Here lies the final resting place of two brothers in life. One was a kind, honest, and hard working man who deserved a better fate. Beside him, lies a lawyer". Amen.