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Thread: 18 Wheeler Licence

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    Default 18 Wheeler Licence

    The other day a gentleman was recounting an episode to his friend that he witnessed that day...

    I was waiting at a red light when a van load of (pick your favorite I'll use...) Lawyers pulled up beside me.
    We were both sitting there when the van pulled out into the intersection and immediately got T-Boned and crushed by an 18 Wheeler, instantly killing everyone inside.

    I was thinking to myself...Oh my god...That could have been me.

    Tomorrow, I'm getting my 18 Wheeler licence.
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    Default Re: 18 Wheeler Licence

    I can see me employing this in so many improper places so as to embarrass my wife completely. With any luck she will stop talking to me.
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    Default Re: 18 Wheeler Licence

    Wait till I send her this crack!!!
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