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Thread: Hotmail Question?

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    Question Hotmail Question?

    So 2 days ago I went to log in to my one email account (Ive got 2 with hotmail) and it told me that my account was temporarily blocked.

    So I did what it asked me to do to get it unblocked.
    It said for me to give my mobile number and Id get a code texted to me within a few minutes....well I still hadnt received it within 1 hour so I had the code resent to me....

    And the following day I still had nothing!! So I emailed them and asked what I could do, I got an email back saying to give my mobile number and Id get a said Id already done that

    I can get into my emails to read them, but I can't reply back or send anything out..

    So now what should I do?
    Try once more to get the code?
    Or should I just remake another email and send my contacts my new address?

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