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Thread: Lost Dog!

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    Lost dog she is a german-sheppard husky mix, goes by the name scarlet. she has a red caller with tags, address 332 sussex in westend of town. anyone with any info plz call 705-9462371 as soon as possible.She was lost from prince lake
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    said to be goign towards second line, please if yousee her pick her up and drop her of at the pound or call me 7059469059 or 7059462371

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    She was at camp, right by the lake, which is like 10 ft away from out cottage. They drove around and nothing, then they went back to the camp to look for a bit. After My aunt went down to lake and called her name, and the bushes started to ruffle, and then a nose came out of the bush, and there she was. She's eating like a champ

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    Glad she's back!!!! I saw the ads on sootoday as well!
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