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Thread: Any Baristas (sp) out there?

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    Default Any Baristas (sp) out there?

    I recently got an espresso machine and am trying to make Cappuccino. It comes out great and tastes perfect, problem is, my milk doesn't foam well... I'm not sure if it's the type of milk (I can't drink lactose or soy milk so I use almond milk) It tastes like the milk is foamed, but it isn't.
    any ideas? suggestions?
    It was a cheap maker I got at VV so maybe the steamer just sucks?
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    Default Re: Any Baristas (sp) out there?

    The steamer should frosh the milk in seconds, so you are correct, the steamer is toast..

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    Default Re: Any Baristas (sp) out there?

    Soy or rice milk will not foam as well as regular milk.
    Almond milk will be as similar to regular milk as you can get.
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