A disabled friend of mine just had to put her medium sized dog down because she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, resulting in terrible convulsions.

She has a golden retreiver who is missing his smaller furry friend very much, and she'd like to find another companion for him, but not a puppy.

If anyone hears/knows about a (hopefully housetrained) adult (but not old) dog that weighs about 20 pounds, and the owners are looking for a good home, please PM me. Because of her disability, she can't pick up anything heavier than 20 pounds and a toy breed would be too small to safely play with her Golden.

This young friend of mine is a sweetheart and you will never find anyone kinder to her pets than she is. I've known her for years, and every animal she's ever had just loves her, and she loves them. She's a single girl on a very fixed income, lives in her own home with a nice fenced in yard. In the summer, she takes her dog/s for a walk almost every day.