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Thread: A question re: music downloads

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    Default A question re: music downloads

    I have an MP3 player....not an Ipod. There are some recent albums I'd like to download. Amazon. ca doesn't give a download option(unless I am just plain blind); does but it comes up as not available for Canadian downloads; Puretunes is expensive, not all new releases are available and for many offerings, only one or two songs is available.

    What are the options-legally?
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    Default Re: A question re: music downloads

    I felt sad that nobody answered your question. I purchase a ton of media on line from different sources. My mobile devices of choice are all apple machines so iTunes works well for most of my purchases.

    But you don't need to have an iPhone to use the iTunes store. You can download the software and open an account and purchase media to put on most media devices. If you have to change the file to mp3 you can do that legally too. is another place you can go that a good competition to the iTunes Store.

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