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Thread: Broken cell phone

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    Default Broken cell phone

    I heard of a place here in town that can fix broken cell phones, but can't remember the name of the store. It was PC something. Anyone know the full name, or anywhere else that can fix broken cell phones?

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    why fix it when most places give you a free phone???

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    It's not free if you have to sign a contract. I do not like the idea of signing a 3yr agreement for cell phone. This phone is only 6mths old and I do not want to buy a nbew one yet.

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    Default Re: Broken cell phone

    I believe the place is called Mini PC on Korah Rd
    <insert witty comment here>

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    The price to fix is only worth it depending on the phone. You can buy a lot of decent phones from the prepaid providers and use them on almost any service, some for less than the cost to repair some phones.

    What model of phone do you have and what is the problem?

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    It is a lg optimus one smart phone. I'm not sure what is wrong with it. It won't turn on, and the power button is loose. When I press the power button, it feels like it normally does, and like it should turn on. It was dropped, and there is a small crack on the back of the case, so I don't know if it is broken inside, or if it is just the power button.
    Some had said that they had a smart phone fixed at this PC place for $20, so if that's all they would charge me to fix it, it would be worth it, as this phone retails for $150.

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