how gross. but what i can say is good for them for at least trying to start to clean it up. can you imagine that poor dog having to walk in that! i wish i had an address, i could send them a letter about the cone. has anyone heard of it or used it?

what does everyone here do about their dog poops?

its like this: (an no,im not trying to sell this, i just looked at the photos on sootoday and thought if they can go that far, its just such a little extra to get right rid of it easy)

Congratulations, you’ve just spent the afternoon cleaning up dog droppings, and now your yard is looking good (and it’s safe to walk on again). But what are you supposed to do with that unappealing pile you’ve gathered?

Well, if you have a pet waste composter, the solution is right there.

Over time, even those nasty smelly droppings can be turned into useful fertilizer. But you can’t just throw Fido’s leavings in your regular composting bin. Dog waste often contains harmful bacteria (e coli, salmonella, giardias, etc.), and in a compost pile those pathogenic bacteria can mix with helpful bacteria and throw a wrench into the composting cycle. It’ll take longer to break down that yard and kitchen waste.

So, the answer is to pick up a separate pet waste composter, such as the “Deluxe Doggie Dooley” shown here.

You bury most of the pyramid-shaped container, so it’s largely out of sight in your yard. You then use a foot pedal to open the lid on top (no bending, stooping, or touching anything nasty required to make your dump), and you never actually need to empty the composter yourself.

The Doggie Dooley empties itself–the digested compost drains into the soil to fertilize your yard naturally.

$60 from Clean Air Gardening