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Thread: SUN News TV - flop!

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    Default Re: SUN News TV - flop!

    Whats this have to do with ssm ?
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    Default Re: SUN News TV - flop!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesky View Post
    Do you guys get the Sun News station for free? It is not included in the basic cable package which is all I've got. It was free for awhile, but it is not blocked out.
    I have Shaw Cable, and the block of news programs that includes Sun News, has CNN, Fox News, BBC World and others for an extra $10 per month above basic.
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    Default Re: SUN News TV - flop!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blindruid View Post
    I rest my case -- with the last line of my post.
    Oh please, you just ranted about cultural Marxism when all were talking about is a 24 hour news channel getting low ratings. To imply at all that we should have the channel because it champions free speech is ridiculous but by all means write a 10 paragraph post over-analyzing a simple concept. I was thinking about starting a channel where I just tell gay,black and Jewish people that I'm okay with them and that they deserve the same quality of life as me. Hopefully I don't get cancelled because anything that champions equal rights is a good thing.

    And by the way how did you go from the U.K only having one voice to well they have the internet too. That's a far cry from having one voice.
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    Default Re: SUN News TV - flop!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Lebowski View Post
    Whats this have to do with ssm ?
    People in the Sault watch the channel don't they?

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