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Thread: The Down Side of Cohabitation

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    Default The Down Side of Cohabitation

    What is significant about this article is that it is from The New York Times.
    The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.

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    Default Re: The Down Side of Cohabitation

    There is no down side. I didn't read the article and I don't have to read it. Marriage is a religious function, not a social function. People that live this way are the happiest people in the world, ... they may not go to heaven, but they don't really care, .... deal with it!

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    Default Re: The Down Side of Cohabitation

    ....that you have to log in to read it!

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    Default Re: The Down Side of Cohabitation

    Actually you don't, you just need to do a little digging to find it.
    One can be a true believer in anything: psychic ability, Christianity or, as Bertrand Russell classically suggested (with irony), in the fact there is a teapot orbiting the earth. I could believe any of those things with total conviction. But my conviction doesn't make them true. Indeed, it is something of an insult to the very truth I might hold dear to say that something is true just because I believe it is. ~Derren Brown

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    Default Re: The Down Side of Cohabitation

    Quote Originally Posted by The Handyman View Post
    There is no down side. I didn't read the article and I don't have to read it. Marriage is a religious function, not a social function.
    It's both. It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive to one or the other.

    Time and time again we see how an intact nuclear family is the best way to raise a family. Simply look at all the data compiled by the U.S. Government on the breakdown of the family over the last fifty years. There has been a breakdown in societal norms, and the correlation fits perfectly with the breakdown of the family. The greater familial dysfunction in a society, the greater the social problems in society. That is not mere coincidence.

    If you take your marriage vows seriously then you are in a much stronger situation than someone that decides to move in with their significant other, and hope for the best; and I say this as someone that moved in with his significant other and simply hoped for the best.

    In societal terms, marriage is a contract. No person of even somewhat goodwill wants to violate a contract. In religious terms, marriage is a covenant (and a sacrament, in Roman Catholic circles). No person wants to violate a covenant or sacrament.

    Now, do things happen that warrant the end of a marriage? Of course. We are human, we fail. But today's problem is that we dissolve marriages and relationships on any old whim. "Uncompatible" What the hell does that even mean??

    Marriage and commitment is a foundational stone to any society. Want to know if a society is collapsing? Look at its marriage and divorce rates.

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    Default Re: The Down Side of Cohabitation

    So is cheating on your spouse worse if you are married than if your are just shacked up? I don't think it is any less hurtful to either. Aside from sexual and companionship solidarity, what else can one expect from either? People shouldn't have marriage shoved down their throats. Life is too short to worry about some idiotic covenant or contract.

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    Default Re: The Down Side of Cohabitation

    Shacked up guys, get your women to honestly tell us what they would REALLY prefer.
    "Christianity is like a nail, the harder you hit it, the deeper it goes!!"

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