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Thread: Sell games...where?

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    Default Sell games...where?

    Hey I have like 17 xbox 360 games i dnt need since box died..anyone know where I could sell them like a place that buys them, not looking for top dollar or anything just something get them out of my hair. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Sell games...where?

    Within this site down in the Buy-sell- trade section likely under electronics. Also the are sites available through Face Book, both auction and firm prices.
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    Default Re: Sell games...where?

    sault 24 hour auction on facebook.. or try pawn shops

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    Default Re: Sell games...where?

    I have had good quick results with anything I have sold on SooToday Classifieds; UsedSoo; Kijiji Sault

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    Default Re: Sell games...where?

    EB Games in the Station Mall or Great Northern Road (the mall with Moore's).
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    Default Re: Sell games...where?

    Try the Rad Zone, Wellington Square Mall - Trunk Road
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