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Thread: help, locked out of xp

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    Default help, locked out of xp

    Hey people, sounds dumb but I am locked out of xp, took down the pc a year ago and do not recal having a password, now it says I do. Tried safemode and it still asks for a admin password. Tired using administrato as a password. Not work, not hint question.

    I do not have a xp cd to repair, reformat is not wanted.

    Txt to 7052972584

    Email associated with this account doesn't work

    Or email to

    Also hiw do I cange the password for my shaw wifi, not the router logoin but the security pass


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    Default Re: help, locked out of xp

    Be aware you will need to understand the questions it will ask.
    This has always worked for me in resetting a password.

    For Shaw I don't know, but I suppose it's like any other router and you will need to log into the router and go to the proper menu to change the WiFi security pass.
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    Default Re: help, locked out of xp

    I can remove a password from any Machine Unless You have the Virus that writes a new password on every reboot, That one takes more work.
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    Default Re: help, locked out of xp

    If you haven't fixed it yet:

    Download and put that on to a flash drive, set the bios to boot from USB and follow the directions to "recover" the password.

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    Default Re: help, locked out of xp

    Dont need 3rd party software to crack an xp password. God cracking those passwords has been a joke for the longest time. Even with win 7/8 its rather easy to do.
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