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Thread: What is considered high mileage on a sled?

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    Default What is considered high mileage on a sled?


    I'm looking at a 2010 Polaris Rush 600 with 3100K's on it? Opinions? Thoughts?
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    Default Re: What is considered high mileage on a sled?

    The liberty 600 is a good motor, that kind of mileage isn't high for it. Pretty sure they have the same front end components the IQ dragons have, which is amazing.

    I wouldn't consider 3100k on a sled high mileage, most of that is probably easy trail riding (I'd hope it's not an 18 year old jumpers sled :P). If it's a good price jump on it! My buddy had a rush and he kept up with my renegade, and it was such a smooth riding sled.

    (ps. check out Leitz in Soo, MI. Smoking deals!)

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