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Thread: Nice compliments I suppose

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    Default Nice compliments I suppose

    So last week I was backing out of a tight parking spot and bumped a car behind me. I actually hadn't seen that car with the blind spot etc, I don't normally get into accidents so it isn't typical for me. Anyways there was no one in the car and well my conscience wouldn't let me just drive off. So I stopped parked and left a note for the person explaining what had happened and to please call me. So he did a few days later which was last night. Apparently he had called earlier in the day and had talked to my mom who was babysitting for me telling her that she should be proud of me as too many people these days would just drive away and this has happened to him several times in the past. Anyways, I talked to him last night and he said the same thing to me. Although I don't really have the money to pay for it all up front as it did crack his bumper only in a small spot and a small crack none the less it is a crack I hope he will work with me. I intend to pay for the damages or I never would have left the note and I am responsible which is how I feel, it just really sucks.

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    Default Re: Nice compliments I suppose

    Good decision! Way to go..
    The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.

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    Default Re: Nice compliments I suppose

    The way I see it is that a bird needs to fly. Hit a Toyota in the queen plant parking lot last Monday. The best I could do was to cross the boarder and get cheap milk. Cross again like nothing happened. Not my fault.

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