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Thread: So where is the Sault's "fracture clinic"?

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    Question So where is the Sault's "fracture clinic"?

    A family member was referred to the "fracture clinic" to get a fiberglass cast. I can't find it on the Internet (leading me to wonder that it might not exist).

    Perhaps you kind folks could enlighten me as to where it is and whether we really should wait for them to call, or we call, or we walk in.

    Thank you kindly.

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    Default Re: So where is the Sault's "fracture clinic"?

    I'm sure you've probably figured this out but just in case... it is located in the hospital and is actually called the Orthopaedic clinic. Tell your family member to bring a book, it's a long wait. You must call and make the appointment with them.
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    Default Re: So where is the Sault's "fracture clinic"?

    Thank you kindly. You're absolutely right about the book. The hospital also has free wi-fi, but I don't know if it reaches the fracture clinic.

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