Just trying to get a rough idea if this would be normal wear and tear or if there may infact be a defect in workmanship. In September I purchased a 2011 Mazda 3 from the local dealer. Very impressed with the vehicle itself non the less. However in March I had noticed the pocket on the back of the seat had begun to rip along the seam. Now with myself working in a business involving newer cars and warranty work, I had learned that upholstery can sometimes be covered under warranty. I brough the car in to be looked at and was told since it was on the seams it would be covered. 2 months after I brought in in for an oil change and again asked about the seat to the supervisor as the service gentleman i was speaking with just kept telling me they were waiting on it. Supervisor told me he just sent in pictures to see if it would be covered. I called in again today to see what was going on as it has been almost 4 months and was told thats just normal wear and tear. Now 2 of my neighbors also purchased Mazda 3's and their pockets are beggining to tear aswell. Just a coincidence, or normal wear and tear? Any other Mazda 3 owners with this happening to their pockets aswell?