On June 29th, our little toy poodle fell off of our dock and presumed drowned. There is this little glimpse of hope that just maybe somehow he came ashore and someone picked him up. He weighed only 7 lbs. The water was really high on the Goulais River that day as well as the current very strong. My husband and a neighbor jumped in and tried to find him, however, they never saw him come up once he fell from the dock and the water was so murky they couldn't see anything in front of them. They have also scanned the river with a small boat and a kayak.

Attached is a photo just in case (and oh my God, would this be a blessing and miracle to us) if somehow he got out of that river downstream somewhere and he is okay. We are both devastated.
Thanks so much for whatever you do to get this information out to people in that area.
Our cabin is at 70 Kenna Lane, however, we live in the United States.
Thanks for anything you can do.
John and Darlene Warren
7576 S. Mackinac Trail
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan USA 49783
906 632-1561
906 440-3544
906 440-3253
will pay all expenses for telephone calls, etc.