...And after over two years of not posting here, it actually feels as much the same place now, as it was when I left. Hmm. The other people who have made comebacks, asking people to 'be nice,' I'm not going to waste my words. Last time I posted on this site, I admit I was a troublemaker, an uneducated high-school hooligan. I've said some pretty bad things on here, argued with good people, and as I look back at those times, I think to myself: "wow, I was SUCH A JERK!"

I said this two and a half years ago, but right now I mean it: I've matured. I'm a grown man. I have two jobs now. I live in grandma's basement now (working on moving out within a year!), and she's taught me so many life lessons. Gosh, I wish all people my age had such an amazing role model, but some just aren't as lucky to have such loving caregivers.

I decided to come back to Soonet because this site offers a great place to seek opinions, to seek advice, guidance, look for items, see what's new in the Sault. There's a community-like feel to this place, and although I'm outside the circle of trust right now with a fair number of you, I hope to earn your rust and respect.

Oh, and to those who are new here (who joined in 2011 or later), my name is Matt. Matt Kot.