I am looking for singers to record individual songs. All songs are written and recorded, with lyrics and rough demo vocals. I'm looking for singers to take the raw idea and make it their own. You can listen to the some of the rough demos on my website here. http://www.reverbnation.com/flatstanleymusic . I am not a lead singer so remember, these are the rough vocal ideas when I wrote the material with my guitarist. There are roughly 20 songs there but more not online. I'm focusing on these at the moment. We've already had a few local singers do a few songs but still need more. If interested, I will send you 2 versions of the songs, one with music and demo vocal, and one without the vocal for you to jam to along with lyric sheet. We want serious singers. Thanks. If interested, email me at barking_eye@yahoo.ca NOTE: The first two songs on my website are cover songs and "NOT" original material we are seeking singers for. Third song onwards are the tunes we need singers for.