Over this past year, the Soo has lost a lot of fine musicians, sadly, most at a younger age. Benefit shows have been done to help families deal with the loss, and although we can't always attend all of them, the support for these have been fantastic, and I am glad the local music scene has stepped up it's support for these great causes. I attended and played at a benefit for guitarist Jean Paul Fecteau along with a number of other local artists like Asylum Country and Tym Morrison. The other night, a benefit for local drummer Ray Brown who is suffering from cancer, was held with a number of local bands raising money for him. Although I didn't attend this particular benefit, I know from those who did attend that it was a great success. Cheers to all that support these benefits and take part or help out in any way. As for the lives these benefits help support, it is a tragic bittersweet thing, but something that helps keep the memories of their loved ones alive. It also shows how these musicians have touched our lives.