Yes, if you are a fan of the band RUSH, you will be delighted that they have remixed their comeback album "Vapor Trails" with a far superior and less harsh mix of this killer album. Rush have always been noted for amazing production on their albums but the original 2002 release of Vapor Trails was plagued with harshness and over compressed sound, something the band was aware of and disappointed with. I just bought the recently remixed release of this album the other day and it kicks ass. One thing I noticed right away is the clarity especially on Geddy Lee's bass. The entire mix overall sounds rounder and punchier. Cymbals on Neils kit sound way better. I think I paid shy of 12 bucks for it on CD so if you're a fan, this is a must have.

Also.... Their DVD for the Clockwork Angels tour is set to be released in November. Should be awesome. ;-)

The Freq