For those looking to get your music out to people, I suggest doing it all yourself. You can use free legal software to record your music like "Audacity", upload your music to free online sites like "Reverbnation" to allow people to access it and you can create your own video using free video and graphic software to upload on free public video sites like "Youtube". All you have to do is search this stuff out on Google and you're on your way.

My song "The Drones" was created by me using all free available software online. Since I couldn't find musicians to play on the song I wrote, I ended up playing all instruments myself with vocals. There's no excuse for you musicians not to get your stuff online. Don't wait for anyone. Just do it yourself!!! The days of getting signed by a major label are over. It's up to you to invent your own way of promotion. You don't have to be a schooled musician, schooled sound engineer or schooled graphics guru to make a presentable product that fans will enjoy. There are tons of free tools online to help you make your product work.

Enjoy my video called "The Drones" done completely in my basement. Excluding the cost of my music gear and a cheap Sony One Shot camera, the song and video cost me nothing to record and put online. ;-) The song took 2 days to record and the video took 2 days to create. You can do it too!