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    A lady wanted to bake a cake for a church bazaar, but she was in a bit of a hurry because of a special dinner that night. Unfortunately, when she pulled the cake out of the oven, it collapsed!! So she got a roll of toilet paper, opened up the cake, stuffed it in, fixed it up, iced it, and it looked great.
    She told her daughter, "Get right to the church and buy this cake before anybody has the chance!!"
    So off she goes to her dinner. But a little while later the daughter calls in a panic. "Mom, somebody bought the cake, I couldn't get it, it was gone!!"
    Mom can't do much now, so she goes on to the dinner, which included some starchy folks from the church, and some important people from the town.
    After the meal, the lady of the house, all prim and proper, goes out to the kitchen and returns with desert - it's THE CAKE!!
    Mom is horrified, she is so embarrassed, and she's just about to jump up and confess all, when the mayor's wife says, "Oh, what a beautiful cake!!", and the lady of the house replies,

    "Thank you, I made it myself!!"

    Mom sits back and says to herself, "God is Good!!"
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    Good one.
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    I can see this being a true story.
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