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Thread: Depends

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    Default Depends

    I read this the other day ......

    I know you have been laying awake at night wondering why baby diapers
    have brand names such as "Luvs", "Huggies," and "Pampers', while
    undergarments for old people are called "Depends".

    Well here is the low down on the whole thing.

    When babies crap in their pants, people are still gonna Luv'em,
    Hug'em and Pamper em.

    When old people crap in their pants, it "Depends" on who's in the will!

    Glad I got that straightened out so you can rest your mind.

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    Default Re: Depends

    That was pretty good.
    You leave me no choice, I swish my cape at you. - El Chupacabra

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