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Thread: So I've been doing some research, and...

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    Lightbulb So I've been doing some research, and...

    ...I just want to point out that age is just a number. I'm actually delighted to see young people that are involved in politics, and hopefully these people will become 'warriors of change,' as I like to call them. Down with the old boys club. Experience shouldn't be a must while running for office. Neither should OWNING a property. Just pointing out that there are some brave, young people, and we should support them 100%.

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    Default Re: So I've been doing some research, and...

    I think some young blood would do many places some good here in Canada, the younger generation gives me hope for our society, unfortunately unless things change, I'll be an old chrone before I'll get to see them in charge.
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    Default Re: So I've been doing some research, and...

    The problem with the young is that they probably tend to get used by the old. I suspect this of young Trudeau, and if he doesn't do what he's told, he'll be gone in a flash!!

    It's just a natural law that the older you get, especially in politics, the more friends you have, or, at least, the more fellow politicians you can swap favors with.

    We can only hope that the young keep thinking young, and don't get swamped by the those who just want to keep the status quo.
    My apologies if defending seems defensive!!

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