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Thread: Tennis anyone, .... ?

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    Default Tennis anyone, .... ?

    Two of Canada's tennis stars are taking Wimbledon by storm.

    Milos Roanic faces the great Roger Federer in one semifinal and if successful will probably play Novac Jokavic in the final, .... a daunting task, but this has been a Wimbledon of surprises.

    Eugenie (Genie) Bouchard seems to have a possibly easier road to victory as the top seeds like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are out. Bouchard is making her third straight major championship semifinal and has vaulted to #13 in seeding, ... she will certainly be top 10 after this Wimbledon.

    Hopefully they will peak for the 2016 Olympics.
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    Default Re: Tennis anyone, .... ?

    Glad to see the Canadian's making a name for themselves. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the sport.
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    Default Re: Tennis anyone, .... ?

    I'm very patriotic when it comes to sports. I know nothing about tennis but I watched. I would give my right paw for one little sniff of Bouchard. She is hot.
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