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Thread: Warning: A new pet treat recall

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    Default Warning: A new pet treat recall

    I wish Canada and USA would just make their own brands of pet food and treats. China doesn't care about our pets, and I'm starting to think that pet food companies are crazy buying their products.

    I shop at Walmart in Soo Mich, and have bought my small dogs Chicken strips in the pet food department for a while now. They just love them. Today I saw on the US news that they are being recalled.

    These are them:

    There is also another brand that has been recalled, but I didn't catch the name.

    This is an ASPCA pet food and treat recall list, but obviously, since these Bestro strips aren't on there, it isn't updated every day.

    This is sickening, and scary. I'll be taking the chicken strip pouches back to Walmart the next time I go over. I'll have two very disappointed pooches, but at least I know (for the time being), that I'm not poisoning them.

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    Default Re: Warning: A new pet treat recall

    thanks for posting that! i get their 'canine carry out' treats from over there. ill hvae to check the list.

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    Default Re: Warning: A new pet treat recall

    This would be why I only buy my boy very specific treats. I only buy him Northern Biscuit cookies and Bullies from yips.
    They are all natural and I don't have to worry that he might get something like Melamine in his treats.

    I spend a fair amount of money on his treats but at least I have piece of mind.

    I hope that your treats aren't on the lists.
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