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Thread: how do u get a kitten to eat his own food??

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    Default how do u get a kitten to eat his own food??

    anyone know how to stop a kitten from eating other pets food? i have a 9 week old kitten and he seems to prefer my adult cats food and especially my dogs food over his own. i have tried keeping the other pets food dishes up for most of the day, but as soon as they are on the floor again he dives in, even though he has 3 dishes of his food throughout the appartment.

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    Default Re: how do u get a kitten to eat his own food??

    My "special kitty" only eats dog food. I've have tried everything else and have talked to the vet about it. There really isn't anything I could do. He won't even eat cat treats or any other kind of food, not even the wet stuff. It's frustrating because I know he's lacking in some nutrition but all in all he's healthy.
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