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Thread: Lucky Me, ....

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    Default Lucky Me, ....

    Guess who won the Lyons TimberMart Trade Show draw for a trip for two to Punta Cana, .... Moi!!!!!
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    Default Re: Lucky Me, ....

    CONGRATULATIONS...a very nice prize indeed. If you need someone to carry your baggage and set up your beach umbrella...let me know.

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    Default Re: Lucky Me, ....

    See you Bill. Have a great time.

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    Default Re: Lucky Me, ....

    Enjoy yourselves.
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    Default Re: Lucky Me, ....

    I will, .... wish I could take a few of you, but the bags are full.

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    Default Re: Lucky Me, ....

    We are thinking of giving it to our daughter. It would be years before she would ever be able to go on a vacation like this, ... she would be tickled, I know.
    Why are you hiding behind a username?

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