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Thread: What's Up With Quebec City?

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    Default What's Up With Quebec City?

    Haven't been able to follow the Memorial Cup too closely, so checked on it tonight. Some of the attendance numbers were head-scratching, especially for the home team's games.

    6,533 in a 15,176-seat arena for a tie-breaker game??

    Isn't this the same city that puts 15,000-plus in those same seats for a Pee Wee tournament?

    I always assumed Quebec City was one of the leading hockey hotbeds in a country passionate about hockey.

    What gives??

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    Default Re: What's Up With Quebec City?

    If they were ever on the map for a professional hockey franchise, I, A or NHL, their attendance just put an end to that... You would think any true fan of the sport would enjoy that caliber of game.
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