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Thread: Mayor to go eyeball-to-eyeball with Algoma Public Health

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    Default Mayor to go eyeball-to-eyeball with Algoma Public Health

    The mayor asked to appear as a delegation to talk about his unanswered questions about the recent Shaun Rootenberg fiasco.

    "It is my feeling that rather than continuing to exchange correspondence on these matters that it would be more efficient for me to discuss them with you in person," Provenzano said in a letter sent last month to the health board...

    "However, I suggest that in the interests of openness and given the City of Sault Ste. Marie's status as a major funder of Algoma Public Health, that you give strong consideration to allow me to attend the June 2015 board meeting so that we may have a productive dialogue together."

    Mayor Provenzano is off to a great start.
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    Default Re: Mayor to go eyeball-to-eyeball with Algoma Public Health

    The released report was interesting. Redact, redact, redact.

    It appears a very small portion of the redacted info relates to the current charges against Mr. Holmes. The remainder of the redactions appear to be related to Dr. Barker, who, interestingly, was the only interviewee to use a lawyer as the middleman with the assessor. It was stated that she supplied a statement, and answered a few questions through her lawyer.

    Also interesting was that the report stated that Rootenberg arrived in town the same time as Barker. Double plus interesting that the media has not latched on to this aspect of the story. Wonder if the media has been threatened by her lawyer.

    Interesting little circle of people from Toronto have had interest lately in our little city. If it weren't for developers like Riversedge at St. Mary's Paper actually delivering on THEIR development promises, I'd give up on real development by outsiders here.

    Anyway, what turmoil those poor people at APH had to work through.

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