I have some 20 packs of the LED lights that I have for sale.

These Super White LED Light Bulbs are the perfect option to help keep the electric usage down while you use your car, truck, camper or trailer.

They are bright and will light up the area with out using a lot of electricity. If you are seasonal camper and pay your own electricity, these lights will help lower those bills throughout the year.

The old bulbs start turning black and cause the housing to turn black as well. LED bulbs do not give off the heat so you will not get the blackening look.

Car Exterior LED:168,194,921,2825,175,912,906,158
T10 CAR Interior Package Kit Combo, T10 Exterior High Mount Stop Light 3rd Brake, T10 Interior Map Dome Glove box Door Cargo Light.

$20.00 for a pack of 20.