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Thread: The goals of ISIS

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    Default Re: The goals of ISIS

    Why did it take till now for Islamists to threaten the entire world??
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    Default Re: The goals of ISIS

    It was initiated in what? 2004 as a drive by a smaller band of Iraqis to move U.S. troops off their sacred soil. The U.S. rounded up many of the insurgents along with huge numbers of non-involved Iraqis, placed them in prison where ISIS networked, conscripted and recruited 'soldiers'. Then the U.S. made more and larger prisons thereby helping ISIS with their recruitment programmes. The U.S. has written this little piece of history, chapter and verse, all on their own.
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    Default Re: The goals of ISIS

    Well, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Obama, Hillary, and even the warmonger McCain along with the CIA helped foster it all, to be sure. Likely might have been in part, the reason why Ambassador Stevens died in Lybia, while they smuggled munitions to ISIS out of Gadaffi's arsenal. Perhaps he didn't like what was going on and hence why no help was given to him. Hard to believe but, oil and money equals power, so...

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