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Thread: Pastry Shoppe Showdown

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    Default Pastry Shoppe Showdown

    This should probably be down in the "events" section but seeing that there has been no activity there I was hoping this would stay here. I wanted to get the word out on many different social media sites not just facebook, that the Pastry Shoppe is hosting Sault Ste Marie's first baking competition. I realize not many youth may use this site but perhaps their parents do. Please ask your children if this is something they would like to participate in. I have been attending schools and talking to students about this event This event is geared towards our youth of Sault Ste. Marie to help drive their passion for the Culinary Arts and Hospitality.

    We are hosting "open " video applications where they must show us why they should be a competitor. Then on April 15th, 2017 the judging panel will choose nine competitors in both the youth (7-12) and teen (13-18) division.

    Where: Grand Gardens North
    When: June 11th 2017
    Time: Juniors start at 10:30 bake for 2 hours (Will be allowed 1 18+ assistant to assist but NOT do the work*rules will be provided)
    Teens start at 1:30 bake for 4 hours and will need t bake 3 items
    Who: Applicants will be selected by audition videos, we need videos submitted to no later than March 31st and must contain name and contact information. Include something about yourself we want to see some personality. Doesn't have to include baking you can be doing anything or nothing just speaking.
    WHAT: Baking competition this is a dessert baking competition. Once applicants have been selected they will be provided with the list of categories for example and not limited to CAKE, TART, PIE, COOKIE etc. Recipes will also be provided along with the ingredients for the recipe, there will be a pantry with extras that can be used to make your recipe unique. Selected applicants will have 1 month to practice and prepare their techniques. There will be a mystery ingredient that will be added the day of that should be used in at least one recipe. Competitors will be judged on Taste, Creativity, Cleanliness and Presentation.
    There is no fee to enter the contest.
    What you can win. Everyone competing will have take home packages regardless of placement. Winners will receive bragging rights, 1st place will receive cash awards, 2nd and third place may receive cash awards and or Gift cards and gift packages. Cash awards will be given in the form of an education fund. This means that they will be able to use the funds for post secondary education.
    Any questions please contact Barb or Erica at The Pastry Shoppe at, or call 705-253-2253

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    Default Re: Pastry Shoppe Showdown

    Give 'er!!!
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