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Feels like the band is getting back together!


We're like a once-famous rock band who succumbed to the pressures and vileness of sudden fame, broke up without saying a word to each other, and went our separate ways ...

The Cat lived as a hermit in a small cave about 1/3 of the way up Mount Ararat. He found Noah's Ark, found it un-inspiring, and used its wood for fires to keep warm during those many frigid nights.

Hans joined Scotland Yard, and solved the Jack the Ripper cold case.

Boom Boom infiltrated the Vatican. He was severely burned when holy water spilled on him. He then admitted he is, indeed, the Antichrist.

I went out and lived on Max B. Yasgur's farm in Upstate NY, where Woodstock was held, took acid regularly to figure out the answers to all the universe's questions. It didn't work.

Anapeg started a used bookshop in Yellowknife. It folded in two months.

Kal found a cure for cancer. He likes to brag about it.

But, we're back for the Reunion Tour!