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Thread: Pellet stove - pros and cons

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    Default Pellet stove - pros and cons

    Does anyone have experience with pellet burning stoves? I want to research this.
    Who in the Soo to deal with?
    Installation hacks.
    Cost of pellets vs firewood.

    I currently burn wood, but it is getting too messy, and too labour intensive..
    If I pay $85 per cord and I need about 13 cord per winter, how do I do a fair comparison to cost of pellets? I have no idea how many bags a week I would burn..

    Assuming I have 1000 square feet to heat..
    Your thoughts would be appreciated
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    Default Re: Pellet stove - pros and cons

    I have a friend who has a pellet stove and had problems with the pellets feeding into the stove. After some study, he switched to corn and the problem was no longer. Kevin is this summer switching to propane of natural gas as the pellet stove proved too hands on.
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