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Thread: Will it close?

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    Default Will it close?

    Senate scrambles to take up border wall funding, as shutdown clock ticks

    The president who says a spending package must include new funding for border security -- told reporters Friday he hopes there won't be a shutdown but he is prepared to ride one out if there is.

    "Now it's up to the Democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown tonight," Trump said.

    He's going to get his wall, just as he said.
    Another campaign promise made good.
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    Default Re: Will it close?

    It is all a wonderfully choreographed dance to amaze and astound the voters and give them the illusion of exerting some sort of control over something that has them firmly under its thumb. This "problem" out of Venezuela is but the tip of an enormous ice burg. Things, they are a-changin'.
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    Default Re: Will it close?

    "Another campaign promise made good"

    Ain't started yet.
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