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Thread: Canadian court system is a joke

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    Default Canadian court system is a joke

    Khaled Farhan, dubbed The Butcher of Gatineau by the press in 1999 after killing and then dismembering his lover days later, has won parole with the hopes of starting a new, quiet life as a transgender woman at an undisclosed halfway house.

    “You are assessed as a low to low end of moderate risk for both general and violence recidivism,” the parole board wrote of Farhan, whose brutal killing and mutilation of Janveau nearly 20 years ago shocked the national capital region.

    Some nights Farhan left her bruised. Other nights Farhan threatened to kill her, according to witness testimony at trial.

    She lay dead in their basement apartment for days and when the smell became impossible to ignore — neighbours were complaining — Farhan started cutting up the body with a kitchen knife because he figured it would be easier to get rid of it in pieces. It took him two hours to cut up the corpse in the bathtub. (He showed no emotion as he detailed the gruesome deed on the stand at trial.) An autopsy confirmed that Farhan also stabbed her multiple times after she was dead.

    To conceal the crime, Farhan tossed half of the corpse and the right arm in a dumpster a few metres from their basement apartment. Farhan stuffed the other half of the body in a duffel bag and dumped it a few hundred metres away in a field by railway tracks off Maloney Boulevard in Gatineau, where Farhan had moved two months earlier from Ottawa.

    After the killing, Farhan presented himself for local television stations as a worried husband pleading for the public’s help to find his missing common-law spouse. Farhan lied a lot in those days, telling newspaper and TV reporters that he last saw Janveau leaving for a camping trip with a so-called dangerous drug dealer.

    Nothing wrong with this guy, I mean woman. Looks like a totally normal person.
    Going to be someones new neighbor soon!

    I think it is time they create a law that makes parole boards criminally responsible should an offender re-offend. These parole board officers should be ashamed. This a travesty of the court system and an insult to the victim and her family.
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    Default Re: Canadian court system is a joke

    I believe the public outcry was very nearly identical when the chap who had the disagreement with the other rider on a Greyhound a couple of years ago. Haven't heard **** about him since, so they seem to get it right once in a while. Not saying for a moment that I disagree, Hans, merely playing Devil's advocate, or stirring the pot should you rather.
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    Default Re: Canadian court system is a joke

    Have you served on juries??
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