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    Former Sears Holdings chairman and CEO Eddie Lampert who bought the remains of the bankrupt company earlier this year is threatening not to make $43 million in pension payments to thousands of workers who have lost their jobs over the last year in multiple rounds of store closings.

    Lampert disclosed that plan in court documents filed recently, the existence of which were first reported late Tuesday.

    Lampert also denied that he is responsible for making some payments to creditors he says Sears Holdings is trying to force him to pay, according to the filing. Sears Holdings is the bankrupt remnants of the old Sears. It exists only to settle claims against it involving its few remaining assets.

    In addition to the bankruptcy case, Sears Holdings has filed a separate lawsuit against Lampert and ESL. Sears Holdings claims that during the years Lampert ran Sears, he made deals to loan the company money, only to strip it of its most valuable assets. Lampert and ESL deny that charge, arguing the loans were made only to give the company a financial lifeline it needed to survive.

    First plunder the company, than plunder the pension fund.
    He will walk away with millions while thousands of workers are left in the cold.
    Courts will do nothing, he will not even be charged.
    If you or I would attempt to do this, we end up in jail 25 to life.

    Makes sense.
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    Money makes everything done right and proper or out of the reach of the law.
    The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.
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