Saturday,September 29,2007


Local television director/producerand last year winner of a Gemini award, Ericka Evans(nee Hannah),along with husband,David Evans
have produced an award winning production titled "<span style="color: #FF99FF">Givng Birth: The Hannah Audrey Evans Story</span>". This is Hannah's first appearance and we pray to see more of her in the near future.
The story is a gripping drama, of the birth of their child, who in the end was a big star, 9.4 pounds, and her dramatic entrance into this world by C section and is bound to become a classic.
David says "She is so precious..."This is, by far the best production they have ever done to date and no doubt will garner awards in life time achievement.
Ericka once again has proven herself as a stellar producer and is looking forward to rest and relaxation with their new born star. This is a real crowd pleaser!